Room Parent Volunteers

Your volunteer time on behalf of our children is greatly needed and appreciated. Prior to arranging a meeting between your child’s teacher and any other room parents for the class, please familiarize yourself with these policies:

Class Parties

Each class will have a Winter Party and an End of the Year Party.

Mr. Martin is encouraging all Room Parents to incorporate a “giving back to the community” theme. The following link contains some great project ideas that room moms may be able to incorporate into parties to help North Fulton Community Charities!

The School will make the party schedule. Each class party lasts only one hour. The Parent Volunteers will be allowed 15 minutes before the party to set out snacks, decorate the room, etc. Normally, Mr. Martin likes for us to have some sort of “giving back to the community” theme for our Winter Party. This may include making a craft or snack for a local retirement home, or decorating letters to send to soldiers. Normally, there are snacks, drinks, one craft, one or two games, and fun music. All the kids really care about is having an hour of FUN! Please keep decorations limited to things that are very easy to set up and to clean up. See “Class Party Success List” for a helpful list of basic items to make a class party a success. Many parents in the past have enjoyed having a “theme” for their class party, but this is not necessary.

Party Money

The Room Parents will be responsible for collecting any class donations toward the two class parties. We will have a Winter party, and an End of Year Party. Each class will be responsible for collecting either cash donations, or food goods and supplies for the parties. Starting in October, Room Parents should send a letter (either paper or email) to each parent in the class, asking them for money or supplies for the Winter Party. It is up to the room parents to decide how they prefer to do this. Some will prefer to collect for both parties at once, while others prefer to do one party at a time. In the past, parents have donated $10 to cover both parties. If everyone participates, and there are 25 in your class, you would end up with $250. Split this amount between the two parties, and you would have your budget of $125 per party. The amount collected per class will vary. You can get a list of the class emails from your teacher. Pre-Approved letters for collecting party money can be found on the Documents for Room Parents Tab under Room Parents.

Pre-Approval of Written Communications Going Home

Other than the approved party-money letter and teacher-gift letter on this website, any other letter or email must be approved by the principal. Please do this through your teacher.

Instructional Time

May not be interrupted. Please do not go into the classroom unless you have prearranged it with the teacher. All parents must check in at the front office upon arrival and must wear a name tag at all times. The front office staff will notify the teacher that you are in the school.


You are invited to have lunch with your student after the first two weeks of school. Please wear a “Lunch Visitor” name tag and meet your child at the cafeteria entrance. You are also requested

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to say goodbye in the cafeteria and not return to the classroom unless previously arranged with the teacher. Please enter and exit only through the school’s front doors.


If you need to check your child out early, please notify and arrive at the office by 1:45 p.m. The office staff will call the classroom. Teachers may not dismiss students directly to parents but must be signed out in the front office.

Items for Teacher Mailboxes

should be given to the front office staff for distribution. Due to student and teacher confidentiality concerns, only staff members will be allowed in the teacher mailbox area.

VIP Volunteers

are not to use the Media Center or Teacher Workroom to stuff VIPs. The front office will arrange some tables in front of the Media Center each Thursday to enable volunteers to stuff envelopes.


In lieu of outside treats, a book can be donated to the classroom library in honor of the birthday child. Specific information on this policy is found in the Family Handbook, 2010-2011.

New Baby Shower Policy

Many parents and students look forward to showering expectant teachers with attention. When planning baby showers, try to hold them on Fridays, around recess time, and limit festivities to about 30 minutes. Also, Mr. Martin wants to be informed when a baby shower is scheduled. Students may be involved in the celebration, and donations for a gift or gift certificate may be solicited by using the approved letter available on this website. Click on the Documents for Room Parent Forms Tab under Room Parents.

Teacher Birthday Policy

Many parents look forward to making teachers feel appreciated on their birthdays and the SBCE administrative team has come up with a great suggestion: Pick up lunch from the teacher’s favorite restaurant and deliver it to the front office on that special day. Teachers have to be at school so early, and their lunch breaks are so short, that this would truly be a thoughtful birthday gift. Funding this treat (probably no more than $10 or so) could be arranged by informally soliciting donations from interested parents. Your teacher should fill out the teacher questionnaire on the Documents for Room Parents page so you will know when their birthday is.

All Other Items

can be referenced in the Family Handbook.