PTA Member Forms

2014-15 membership form

Join the PTA.
Fill out the membership form and send it back to school.

Expense Reimbursement Form

The Expense Reimbursement Form is for reimbursement of expenses incurredas a result of performing service on behalf of SBCE PTA. Supporting original receipts MUST be attached.  **When filling this out please opt to have check sent home with your child if possible.  We prefer to only mail checks if they need to go directly to a company.

Cash Worksheet

The Cash Worksheet must be completed and attached to the Cash/Check Deposit Form when submitting currency for deposit.  It should be filled out and turned in with all original receipts attached to the VP in charge of your committee.

Cash/Check Deposit Form

The Cash/Check Deposit Form MUST accompany all monies given to the treasurer. It is to be filled out and turned in with all original receipts attached to the VP in charge of your committee.

Office Supply Request Form

The Office Supply Request Form should be completed when requesting PTA office supplies. A VP’s approval for these purchases is required.

Pre-Approval Form

The Pre-Approval Form should be used to have all communications approved that are sent home or to the staff.

This letter can be used for companies interested in becoming a business partner.

Mini-Grant Form Doc

Mini-Grant Form PDF

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